7 Ice Cream Shops to Try While It Still Feels Like Summer

Yes, I know Fall technically started last Friday, but who can deny that the weather outside still screams summer?! I’m trying to get my ice cream fix before it cools down, and you should too. Below are my top seven ice cream shops in NYC, that I believe you HAVE to try before this seemingly never-ending summer truly comes to a close. 


Located in the East Village, this Asian inspired ice cream shop makes some of creamiest, most delectable ice cream I’ve had in NYC. Their classic vanilla and chocolate are delicious, but they have a wide range of out of the box flavors too, if you are feeling more adventurous. Some of their craziest flavors include wasabi, black sesame, or even a rose flavored ice cream that they color black using activated charcoal! 

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While you may have to track down where the CoolHaus Ice Cream Truck is located when you go, it is most definitely worth it. The ice cream on its own is fantastic, with some outrageous flavors like avocado sea salt, beer and pretzels, and bananas foster. But, you have to try their signature ice cream sandwich if you want the full experience. You can mix it up any way you choose, and trust me, you will have plenty of options! Their cookie flavors range from golden whoopie pie, to s’mores, to snicker doodle candy corn. You do not want to miss this one!

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With two locations, one in the East Village and one in Williamsburg, Oddfellows is serving some truly special homemade ice cream. Each time I go I am surprised, since the flavors are changed regularly. Some recent flavors include buttermilk honey blueberry and carrot cake cream cheese. You can feel good about your purchase too, as Oddfellows donates a portion of its sales to the Food Bank of NYC!

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If you are looking to change up your ice cream game, I would definitely recommend heading to New York Frost Factory. Serving up some the creamiest and tastiest shaved ice desserts I’ve ever had, it is a must try. They have a huge list of flavors and toppings to choose from, including chocolate nutella and passion fruit; they even have vegan options as well!

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Ample Hills Creamery is dangerously close to my apartment. They make all of their ice cream by hand, or as they like to call it, the old fashioned way. Some of their best flavors are the salted crack caramel, ooey gooey butter cake, and snap mallow pop. With two locations in NYC (Gotham West Market and Bubby’s Highline), and multiple locations in Brooklyn, you have no excuse not to try this melt-in-your-mouth ice cream next time you’re satisfying your sweet tooth!

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So clearly I enjoy a good ice cream sandwich, but who can blame me?! Located in the West Village, Milk and Cookies fresh bakes their cookies every day. Pair together these homemade cookies and creamy gelato, and you can’t go wrong. And if you’re feeling especially crazy, try the cookie dough waffle ice cream sandwich; it won’t disappoint!

Photo Credit: @karabianca

Photo Credit: @karabianca


Starting as an ice cream truck, and now with two locations in NYC (West Village and East Village), Big Gay Ice Cream is putting a creative spin on the tradition soft serve that we all know and love! Satisfy your inner child and try some of their amazing and out of the box dessert combinations. My personal favorite is the salty pimp, a chocolate dipped vanilla soft served cone that is covered in dulce de leche.

Photo Credit: @travelforthefood

Photo Credit: @travelforthefood