Breakfast for Dinner Event Recap

On Monday, all my breakfast dreams came true in one night - I was a judge at the Breakfast for Dinner event hosted by the Meatpacking BID and surrounded by all my foodie friends. Immediately after I walked into the event, I felt a sense of serious competition in the air. Taking a quick look around, I started to try the different dishes immediately before the crowds rolled in. My favorites included dishes were from Colicchio & Sons, BEC, Bodega Negra, Soho House and Toro:

  • Colicchio & Sons served a Brioche Pain Perdu, with bourbon butter, and smoked maple syrup. Pure heaven in a bite. This french toast like brioche was scorching hot, sweet and buttery. Everything you could have wanted and more in a sweet breakfast dish.
  • BECause who doesn't like Bacon, Egg and Cheese?! BEC came in hot serving their Farmhouse Sandwich. The Farmhouse Sandwich consists of two eggs, pancetta, ricotta cheese, fig jam, honey, baby spinach on a Pugliese roll. The team served each guest a half a BEC, talk about generous portions. 
  • Bodega Negra + @chefmikea have done it again. His mini Heuvos Rancheros had perfectly cooked fried eggs on top. Major Key. 
  • I was super excited about the Soho House participating in this event, as I never had the chance to eat at the restaurant before. They kept it delicious and simple with mashed avocado with lemon and chili oil served on toasted house made sourdough and topped with a quail egg. 
  • The killer team at Toro served Chilaquiles, which were crispy tortillas tossed with braised chicken, cotiga cheese, avocado, lime crema and egg. The chips were cheesy and tasted like a  Dorito. This made the dish super addicting, I admittedly went back for seconds.  

The event had a great flow, was fun and most importantly there were no lines to get food & drinks. In the end Doughnuttery won "People's Choice Award", Colicchio & Sons won "Judge's Best Dish Award" and Bubby's won "Judge's Most Creative Award."

Conclusion: The Meatpacking BID knows how to throw a party!  Follow @MeatpackingNY to stay in the know of when they might be throwing down again.  I know I will.