Sadelle's Bagels Meets The Feast of San Gennaro

It's that time again for the San Gennaro feast! The San Gennaro feast began 88 years ago.  The feast is located on the streets of Little Italy and is a celebration of the spirit of the Italian immigrants. The 11-day festival is lively, festive and full of food!

In case you haven't heard, the Torrisi team will be opening a bagel shop this coming year called Sadelle's. They have partnered with the baking guru Melissa Weller, who formerly worked for Per Se and Roberta's. What better way to debut the product than at the San Gennaro Feast. The bagel stand was placed in front of Parm, and stood out among the other Italian and ethnic food stands. 

Keeping it simple, Melissa Weller baked everything and plain bagels. Melissa suggested the bagel should be paired with her special chive cream cheese, house cured salmon, onion and tomato. I took the head baker's advice and ordered the damn thing with everything on it! It was so addicting that I ordered another. 

Beware: this bagel cost $16 dollars, so be prepared to splurge! 

Now let’s talk about the sticky buns for a minute. OH MY GOD! There are truly no words for this beyond delicious and amazing dessert. The soft pastry is surrounded by a gooey outer shell. Although one may think the sweetness would be overpowering, it was not. The sea salt sprinkled on top balanced each and every bite. It is worth a special trip to the feast just for this sticky bun. They are going to cultivate some NYC groupies over this! 

After two bagels and a sticky bun, I needed something more. There is no way I could come to an Italian Feast and not eat some classic Spaghetti and Meatballs. Choosing the most authentic looking spot, I chowed down on just that. 

For a list of other recommended vendors at the San Gennaro Feast visit

Didn't make it there last weekend. Sadelle's will be at the San Gennaro Feast in front of Parm this coming weekend again (September 19-21)! You still have a chance to get your hands on one of those bagels and the unforgettable sticky buns!