Pop It Like It's Hot #fashionmeetsfood

I was bummed the weather forecast was rain for this past weekend in the Hamptons. Being a foodie, I could always find an activity that did not involve the beach and sun that would make me just as happy. This past Saturday, Dominique Ansel's "Pop It" Sundae truck was making an appearance in front of Lisa Perry's designer boutique shop. As a former fashionista, this collaboration was right up my ally. The "Pop It" collaboration was set up in order to celebrate all things POP (pop art, pop culture, pop tart, and popup). The truck and sundae in a can was just as colorful, resembling Andy Warhol art, as the design's in Lisa Perry's store. 

What was inside the can? Thats a good question! In the spirit of the collaboration, Dominique made the root beer float flavor the star of the "can" (as it is Lisa's favorite soda pop flavor)! 

Exact contents of the Sundae in a can: Root Beer Ice Cream + Stracciatella Ice Cream (vanilla & chocolate chips) + Mascarpone Semi Freddo + mascerated cherries + toasted marshmallows + Mini Me’s (meringues). 

(Information retrieved from DominiqueAnsel.com)

I couldn't have been happier I was in the right place at the right time for this #fashionmeetsfood extravaganza. Thanks Dominique and Lisa! 

P.S.- As a side note, after eating Pop It Sundaes, I drove to Amagansett to eat Lobster Rolls and Fried fish at The Clam Bar. What a day!