Sticking to the Status Quo

Although I usually enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and stray away from the status quo, I knew I would have to eventually venture to Brooklyn to see what the hype was all about at Smorgasburg. For all of you who don’t know, Smorgasburg is an indoor (in the winter) and outdoor (in the summer) market where multiple food vendors set up shop for all to come and taste their famous dishes.

When I walked into the market, my stomach and hunger was immediately torn in multiple directions. We first did a loop around the building to scope out which vendors we would like to try. In the end, I decided to taste a few classics from Smorgasburg along with some of my personal favorites I was craving. We started off at Red Hook Lobster Pound. Here we ordered the BLT lobster roll with chili mayo sauce, boy was I excited for my first lobster roll of the hardly spring season! The kick in the sauce combined with the toasted buttery bread was sublime. We then moved on to their next-door neighbor, The Brooklyn Wok Shop. I was told I had to order the Pastrami dumplings and the Mushroom and Onion dumplings. Although Pastrami dumplings would not normally be my first choice, I gave them a try. Woah were they delicious, my sources do not lie! Following the dumplings, we went on to taste some candied maple bacon sticks from Landaus .

A normal person may have been on their way to satisfaction, but I of course had room for more. For my next course I chose the classic mac and cheese with grilled onions and toasted bread crumbs from the Milk Truck. As everyone knows, I am a mac and cheese connoisseur.  This mac and cheese was less cheesy and a bit creamier that I would normally enjoy, but it was definitely a tasty bow tie mac and cheese. For dessert we shared a cinnamon sugar donut from Dough. When we saw that this was one of the only vendors that had a line down the hall, we knew they had to be something special. This was hands down one of the best donuts I’ve ever had because the consistency was not too doughy or too airy, but it was just right.

My favorite dish of the day would have to be the BLT Lobster Roll from Red Hook Lobster. Overall the trip to Smorgasburg did not disappoint and i would lying if I said that I wouldn’t be coming back again! See you in the summer Smorgasburg…

Other dishes I tasted but were not photographed included the macaroons from Danny Macaroons and Clam Chowder from Red Hook Lobster- I would recommend both!

Dishes that I wish I had the chance, and room, to try were; the rice balls from Rice and Miso Everyday, the Ramen Burger, Mighty Quinns BBQ, a Grilled Cheese from the Milk Bar and a Smore’s Bar from Butter and Scotch.