And my favorite new restaurant openings in 2014 were...

After eating at a plethora of new restaurants in 2014, the one's that have impressed me the most were Cherche Midi, Mimi Cheng's Dumplings and Root & Bone. 

1. Cherche Midi is Keith McNalley's newest restaurant located in The Bowery. Cherche Midi has been most well known for creating the Prime Rib Burger, with a special meat mix by Pat LaFrieda, that is topped with bacon marmalade, roasted mushrooms, and gruyere cheese. This burger was immediately put in direct competition with the famous Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern (also a restaurant of Keith McNalleys). This restauranteur knows how to keep things interesting. None the less, the burger gained immense publicity that brought in customers from all over the city. The overall ambiance, menu variety and top of the line service is what made Cherche Midi one of my favs. 

2. Mimi Cheng's Dumplings, located in the East Village, is a new establishment that has defined its place in the culinary NYC dining scene. Mimi Cheng Dumplings serves "healthy" dumpling choices, paired with unique sauces. Mimi Cheng's gained traction due to their healthy dumpling restaurant concept. The restaurant is perfect for cheap, easy, casual, convenient eats for any meal of the day. 

3. Root & Bone was worth all of the hype and more. Being a big fan of Chef's, Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth, I was highly anticipating my meal here. From the buttery biscuits and crunchy waffle fries, to the rich mac and cheese, shrimp and grits and the fried chicken waffle sandwiches, every mouthful of food I had was out of this world. Additionally, the ambiance of Root & Bone had true southern charm that gives the restaurant an edge among others in the neighborhood. If you haven't been, it is a must go to! 

The most anticipated restaurant openings for me in the beginning of 2015 include Prova Pizza, Ramen Lab, Conant, the reopening of Dirt Candy and 1WTC. Stay tuned for all of my eats to come in 2015! There is much to try with so little time! 

Xoxo, One More Dish