Bar Primi

I was beyond excited for the opening of Bar Primi, so I decided to be one of the first to try it. With all of the hype, and being the second day of service, I arrived early for dinner (6pm) in case there was a wait. To my surprise, there was none at all. As our group was seated, I assessed the atmosphere; casual and pleasant bar for a drink with an uplifting aura. So far, I liked this place!  We started off with eggplant bruschetta, mussels calabrese and stuffed meatballs. I highly recommend all of these appetizers! My favorite of the three, for a light starter, was the mussels. They were plump, juicy and exploded with flavor. 

The pastas stole the show in my opinion and I had an internal conflict when trying to choose my favorite one. The battle of sweet or savory took over! The first, which was the sweet option, was the buccatini. It was truly amazing (although not the most appetizing picture). The sweet tomato sauce enriched the taste of the lamb and pasta. The Fiore Di Carciofi on the other hand, had a beautiful presentation. When I bit into it, all three dominant flavors (artichoke, bacon and pecorino) complemented one another in harmony. In the end, I couldn't decide on the best! It all depends what you are in the mood for.

My overall conclusion, Bar Primi is here to stay at 325 Bowery Street and I've been dreaming of the food ever since.