The Land Before Time

Little Foot's mother from the Land Before Time once said,

"Let your heart guide you. It whispers so listen closely".  

As a big fan of the Mighty Quinn's in the East Village, I was pumped to see if the newly opened West Village location would live up to the reputation. I contemplated ordering just Brisket to fulfill my Mighty Quinn's BBQ craving. But I thought to myself, I could do better for #TasterTuesdays. At that moment, I followed my heart and ordered the meats that I have been dying to try. It was my job to taste test it all! 

The lowdown on the meats, sides and dips: 

1. The Brisket- Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Cooked to perfection, was truly the best BBQ Brisket I've had. Although it is rich in flavor, this is the best meat to use as a canvas and apply Mighty Quinn's sweet or spicy BBQ sauce for an extra punch. The Brisket here is a classic and a great option if you are choosing one meat.

2. Burnt Ends- AMAZING! The burnt ends are incredible and a must order if you are sharing with a group. This meat already has a sweet sauce on it. Even though it is delicious, the dish becomes rich easily and I would not be able to finish a whole serving of it on my own.  

3. Brontosaurus Rib- This big guy was the dish I was most anticipating. The meat fell off the bone, was extremely tender and had minimum fat. Since the rib itself was so large there was a substantial amount of meat  around the bone, proving to outshine any baby back rib I had previously enjoyed. I could have eaten the entire Brontosaurus Rib myself, I'm really not kidding! 

4. Buns and French Fries- Rolls come out of the kitchen warm and ready to soak up the juices of your meats of choice. The french fries were my one complaint. They were cooked well and were the thick fries I always enjoy, but there was too much salt on them (ask for no/little salt and you will be good to go). 

5. BBQ Sauce- I was tempted to snag the big bottle off the table, but I wasn't trying to cause an extra scene! I would buy it in bulk if I could.

By the end of the meal I felt a bit like a cave woman! I was devouring everything that was put in front of my face and there was no stopping me. Mighty Quinn's in the West Village is addicting and one of my new guilty pleasures. Thank you Mighty Quinn's for giving me every reason not to become a vegetarian!