Hotel Chantelle

For this week's #TasterTuesdays we ventured to Hotel Chantelle. Let me start off by saying I’m a fan of any restaurant that IDs you before you even sit down—guaranteed to be a good time.

First on the menu was the 10 dollar pretzel. Wow were we surprised when this came out of the kitchen—it was extra jumbo and delicious. The dips, cracker jack whipped buttter & lager mustard and chili-infused chocolate & jalapeno jack cheese complemented the pretzel perfectly. It elevated it beyond your normal late night snack from an NYC food cart.

Next, we had the rock shrimp tempura in a spicy thai sauce, white truffle pizza, followed by waffle crusted fried chicken. The fried chicken was topped with maple syrup cotton candy that melted so perfectly on top. Yes you heard me correctly, cotton candy. I felt as if I was living in a world where it was okay to order the kid food because it was made specifically for us adults! Hotel Chantelle is the perfect venue for a group dinner with friends or drinks at the bar with some appetizers to start your night off right. 

Our favorites included the ten dollar pretzel and the white truffle pizza.